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Our knowledge, career and basically the experience we have gained as loan collectors and legal enterprise advisors are the elements that allowed us to develop an agile and efficient service

Services Legal Advice for Enterprises Labor and Social Security Law

Originally, our Law Firm has been in connection with Labor and Social Security Law. It has provided people, enterprise and entrepreneur groups with advice and representation in management and settlement of in or out-of-court individual, multi-individual or collective labor conflicts, both before The Labor Department and administrative agencies from different provinces and The Court.

Our staff is formed by experienced attorneys specialized in this area and renders not only comprehensive advice but also takes part in negotiations collective bargaining agreement. We give preventive legal advice to our customers’ Human Resources Departments and this provides an improved development of their work and this helps to avoid and/or identify possible conflicts.

In the contentious labor subject our enterprise represents and gives assistance for enterprises in judicial claims for dismissals, deprivation of privileges, trade union matters, work-related accidents, resources against administrative fines of municipal inspections, impugnation of disciplinary sanctions, validation of settlement and release agreement, validation of collective agreements especially those which could lead to the termination and suspension of employment. Legal advice on general compliance with local and foreign labor laws of increasing complexity.

The Labor Office articulates with the other offices of The Law Firm and collaborates in rendering assistance in enterprise acquisitions and reorganizations and in any other transaction that affects labor and social security interests.

Dogliani & Partners Law Firm | Law Firm & Collection Management

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