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Our knowledge, career and basically the experience we have gained as loan collectors and legal enterprise advisors are the elements that allowed us to develop an agile and efficient service

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Currently, we are taking charge of 3,000 pending legal processes. To provide our customers with excellence and efficacy in our service, our office of judgment collection offers a system which is flexible enough to meet any received particular request.

We have developed a coherent legal process system either to continue in court with any step that had definitely failed in a loan management process initiated out of court, or to bring lawsuit to preserve loan collection.

We have prepared our system for the detection of eventual legal prescriptions so that we can, therefore, bring lawsuit immediately to entirely preserve the loan collection, whichever it is the stage of the negotiation out of court.

Once the legal action has been initiated, our lawsuit monitoring system will allow us to know immediately the details of each pending file, with the possibility of classifying them according to different categories:

La naturaleza de cada expediente en trámite, clasificando los mismos conforme diversas categorías.

  • Procedural phases.
  • Lawsuit filing records.
  • Issuance and period of enforceability of Injunctions.
  • Execution and enforcement of payment agreements authorized by the creditor.
  • Nature of the debtor/s.
  • Grouping of judgments according to nominal amounts of loans.

Our professional services include:

  • Mortgage Foreclosure.
  • Foreclosure for debit balance on account.
  • Lien and Retention.
  • Enforcement of simple bonds and other documents which grant the right of execution.
  • Enforcement of bonds.
  • Enforcement of rental agreement and expenses.
  • Summary or ordinary judgment for credit card balance collection.
  • Credit Checks.

Dogliani & Partners Law Firm | Law Firm & Collection Management

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